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Asphalt Paving In Glen Alpin

What Is the Best Material for Driveway Paving Near Me in Glen Alpin, NJ

When it’s time to pave your driveway, you have many things to consider. A quick drive around Glen Alpin, NJ can quickly show you an incredible number of options for driveway paving near me. Asphalt, concrete, gravel, and stone all offer different features and benefits. They also all offer different prices. So how do you choose the best material for your driveway? To make an informed choice, you need to know precisely when and how each of these materials is used.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a top choice for driveway paving in Glen Alpin, NJ. Most homeowners are attracted to the appearance of a smooth finished driveway surface. They also love the lower price.

Asphalt paving is not perfect for everyone. Asphalt can get quite hot during the summer months, and it can even soften, making it sticky. It is also generally considered to be less durable than concrete. Asphalt needs to be resealed periodically, or it won’t last as long. Finally, it is challenging to use designs in your driveway, as asphalt offers a smooth, uniform surface.

Despite all of this, in Glen Alpin, asphalt paving is becoming increasingly popular. Asphalt offers several advantages not found in the other options. It provides a durable driveway that can last up to 20 years at a fraction of the price of concrete.

Asphalt is also an ideal choice for New Jersey homes because it typically does better in winter weather. It is not easily damaged by ice or salt, and the flexible nature of asphalt means that it is far less likely to crack. Asphalt is much easier to repair and can be resurfaced or resealed, making it last even longer.

Concrete Paving

Concrete has long been a top choice for driveway surfaces. Its durability makes it one of the first options considered by contractors when they are building a new home. Ideally, a well-made concrete driveway can last 30-40 years. This increased durability also comes with a higher price tag.

Why is concrete such a popular choice when there are more affordable options? It is a versatile material. It typically does well in both hot and cold climates. It doesn’t normally overheat when exposed to intense sunlight and also doesn’t get bleached out. While asphalt tends to perform better in Morris County winter weather, concrete isn’t easily damaged by ice or snow. Concrete is also adaptable. It can be shaped to look like other brick or other types of stone and also come in various colors and textures.

Brick/Paving Stones

Appearance-minded Morris County consumers are often attracted to brick or stone pavers for driveway paving near me. Both options provide a smooth driving surface, and you can easily incorporate designs to increase the driveway’s curb appeal. With proper installation, both materials can be incredibly eco-friendly as they allow rainwater to absorb into the ground. Some materials can even have heating systems installed beneath them to protect your driveway from snow and ice.

With all of these advantages, what’s not to love? The biggest downside is the price which can vary considerably, averaging from $5-$30 per square foot. Even the least expensive clay brick requires a well-trained professional to install. Without a professional, it isn’t easy to achieve a smooth surface that stands the test of time. For some stone pavers, the final price of paving an average-sized driveaway can reach as high as $50,000, depending on which types of stone you choose and where your home is located. These options also require annual maintenance. Both brick and stone pavers need to be cleaned twice a year, and you must reseal the brick after each cleaning.


Over the past decade, gravel has become a less common choice for driveways in Glen Alpin, NJ. The price of gravel remains the most affordable at $1-$3 per square foot. However, with asphalt paving at a similar price, it is no longer the immediate first choice for budget-minded homeowners. Gravel can last up to 100 years, depending on your climate. It is also environmentally friendly as it provides a more porous surface for water.

Gravel does require a considerable amount of maintenance. Driveways that see a lot of traffic will need to be regraded every year. It is also not an ideal material for areas that see a lot of winter weather. It can be challenging to clear snow and ice from gravel, and you can lose a lot of it each time. After a long New Jersey winter, you may likely find yourself replacing a considerable amount of gravel.

With so many options for driveway paving near me, you need to take your time. Consider all of your needs before choosing the materials for your project. While it is tempting to focus on the final look of your Morris County driveway, there are many other factors you will also need to consider. This means it’s always a good idea to contact a professional paving company for an expert opinion before making any decisions.

At Platinum Paving, we specialize in state-of-the-art asphalt paving for both residential and commercial customers. You can visit our website at to see examples of our work and for information about our process. If you wonder if an asphalt right is a perfect fit for your project, call us at 973-879-7713. We’d love to talk to you about your driveway.

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